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STATEMENT: Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, Chair of the Board, Aquí: The Accountability Movement, on the announcement of Brenda Solórzano as the new President/ CEO of the California Endowment

Mar. 22, 2024 —

Aquí is thrilled with the news of Brenda Solórzano as the new leader of the $4.7 Billion California Endowment. A champion of 'trust-based philanthropy,' Brenda’s career has proven that philanthropy is, first and foremost, accountable to the organizations they fund and the communities they serve. Her commitment to leveling power asymmetry between foundations and grantees has earned her respect from grassroots leaders to philanthropy's change makers.


Brenda not only has an accomplished career but, most importantly, is connected to the community and is grounded by her lived experience. Congratulations to the California Endowment Board for selecting a leader who will build on Dr. Ross’ extraordinary leadership.


Aquí: The Accountability Movement is a nonpartisan culture-defending and media-monitoring accountability organization advocating for the 60 million Latinos who live, work in, and build the United States. Through high-impact campaigns, strategic partnerships, and harnessing the power of millions of constituents, Aquí holds bad actors accountable by fighting the exclusion and invisibility of Latino people in national narratives and positions of power, demanding fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos as well as greater representation, and defending against harmful attacks, stereotypes, and demagoguery.

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