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STATEMENT: Accountability Campaign Releases Billboards Across Key Latino Markets

“Show the Receipts” highlights invisibility and neglect of

Latinos across leading industries they empower

Dec. 14, 2023 —

“Show the Receipts,” a digital billboard campaign across major U.S. metropolitan cities, is the latest effort launched by Aquí: The Accountability Movement. Billboards in Los Angeles and San Francisco highlight the unequal relationship between Latino communities and the industries they financially power; in an effort to force accountability among corporate and industry leaders of their persistent neglect of Latinos. 


Last month, Aquí pledged a six-figure multimedia spend across top Latino markets in the U.S. with the launch of "Y Ahora Qué?" (Now What?), a Spanglish ad highlighting the hypocrisy of companies who posture during Hispanic Heritage Month, yet lack Latino representation in their leadership ranks and invest little in Latino communities. 


From access to capital to representation in Hollywood, Latino entrepreneurs are too often underfunded and our voices are missing in key decision making positions. 


 “The basis for accountability is numbers, and numbers don’t lie,” said Nathaly Arriola Maurice, Aquí’s lead strategist. “Latinos account for 29% of Hollywood’s ticket sales, but only 5% of Hollywood’s movie leads and 3% of its directors are Latino. We’re a spending force of $3.4 trillion, yet only $1.4 billion are invested in our start up businesses. We need to level the playing field in the relationship between our community and the industries we empower.”


The Los Angeles billboard will travel through West Hollywood’s famous Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards and, in San Francisco, the mobile billboard will drive through Pier49 and the Financial District. 


Aquí: The Accountability Movement is a nonpartisan culture-defending and media-monitoring accountability organization advocating for the 60 million Latinos who live, work in, and build the United States. Through high-impact campaigns, strategic partnerships, and harnessing the power of millions of constituents, Aquí holds bad actors accountable by fighting the exclusion and invisibility of Latino people in national narratives and positions of power, demanding fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos as well as greater representation, and defending against harmful attacks, stereotypes, and demagoguery.

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