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Latino Speakers Bureau In The News

As Biden points to his past, supporters are more worried about his future

The New York Times | July 12, 2024


California voters will decide who wins on health care tax: Gavin Newsom or doctors

CalMatters | July 5, 2024


En cuanto al anuncio de la frontera ayer…

VPI TV | June 7, 2024


What’s behind the anti-Biden ‘wildfire’ among TikTok influencers

LA Times | May 30, 2024


Houston-area DACA recipients can now apply for healthcare through federal marketplace

Houston Public Media | May 14, 2024


Why advocate says it’s a big deal 100K ‘Dreamers’ could soon buy ACA health insurance for 1st time

Texas Standard | May 9, 2024


San Diego assemblymember proposes solutions to Medi-Cal eligibility burden

KPBS | Apr. 19, 2024


Si les preocupa el tema de inmigración, observan la falta de acción de los republicanos extremistas MAGA…

Mega TV | Apr. 17, 2024


Nuestras libertades están en juego en estas elecciones

Univision | Apr. 9, 2024


La opción es entre una administración que trabaja para mejorar sus vidas versus un candidato que trabaja para ayudarse a si mismo

Univision | Apr. 3, 2024


La ley de Texas mete miedo…

VPI TV | Mar. 25, 2024


Las declaraciones de Donald Trump durante un evento en Dayton, Ohio genera fuerte reacciones

Univision | Mar. 22, 2024


President Joe Biden visits Dallas and Houston for fundraisers

Texas Tribune | Mar. 20, 2024


Biden’s support for potential TikTok ban risks backlash from young voters

The Hill | Mar. 19, 2024


Biden's TikTok Ban Support May Turn Off Young Voters

Newsmax | Mar. 19, 2024


A year after Half Moon Bay massacre, farmworkers focus on living conditions

S.F. Chronicle | Mar. 17, 2024


Dominguez asks Biden to find humanitarian solutions for migrants

Rio Grande Chronicle | Mar. 3, 2024


Is Biden’s student debt action enough to win back young voters angry over Gaza?

The Guardian | Mar. 1, 2024


Democracies across the globe are in danger of backsliding into authoritarianism...(IG REEL)

Courier Newsroom | Mar. 1, 2024


Biden and Trump visits to border highlight conflicting immigration policies

PBS NewsHour | Feb. 29, 2024


How the border became 2024's top political football

Texas News Hour | Feb. 29, 2024



KRGV | Feb. 29, 2024


Tiempo: Recent migrant violence creates false narrative of chaos: advocate

ABC 7 NY | Feb. 25, 2024

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