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Anti-Latino rhetoric and attacks are rampant; creating and reinforcing negative tropes of and fostering mistreatment and discrimination against Latino communities. 

Underrepresentation and erasure of Latinos in the media, as well as the public and private sectors, significantly diminishes our influence and power.

Latino leaders are calling for an independent, nonpartisan organization exclusively dedicated to accountability that will boldly denounce bad actors and fight back.

Our Approach

Aquí: The Accountability Movement will collaborate with other Latino organizations to:

  • Demand fair and accurate portrayals of Latino peoples in American life, and defend against harmful disinformation and stereotypes in the entertainment and news industries. 

  • Unapologetically denounce the underrepresentation of Latino peoples in positions of influence and power across industries, and call for greater investments in Latinos across the public and private sectors.

  • Force a public reckoning when public or private actors try to advance policies or actions that harm Latino communities, or use their platforms to denigrate Latino communities.

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