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Aquí is led by visionary leaders who are deeply committed to this work and see the value that this organization will bring to Latino communities.


Nathaly Arriola Maurice

Lead Strategist, Aquí: The Accountability Movement

Nathaly is the Lead Strategist of Aquí. She is also the President and Founder Operativo, a campaign strategy and public affairs firm. Previously, she served as Special Assistant to President Joe Biden and White House Director of Partnerships in the Office of Public Engagement and held senior communications roles under President Barack Obama. Nathaly has over a decade of experience creating data-driven communications, policy, and political campaigns for diverse organizations around the world. Before founding Operativo, Nathaly was Vice President of The Messina Group and served in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Nathaly is a native of Peru and resides in California with her family.

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