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STATEMENT: Accountability Movement, Aquí, Launches Latino Speakers Bureau to Amplify Representation Nationally and Locally

Feb. 13, 2024 —

WASHINGTON – Today, nonpartisan organization, Aquí, is launching the Latino Speakers Bureau, a one-of-a-kind program which aims to increase and amplify Latino representation in national and regional media by elevating the voices of prominent activists and issue-experts to the national stage. Members of this program will receive media training and support in order to elevate the profile of these local leaders to the national stage.


Recent layoffs by major media giants of Latino and other journalists of color is alarming during the height of an election year. A 2021 study revealed that Latinos make up only 12% of the media workforce and 4% of industry management, despite making up 18% of the overall U.S. workforce, demonstrating a drastic need for Latino representation in the news cycle. The Latino Speakers Bureau will uplift diverse Latino voices from across the country and ensure there is accurate representation in the media of this powerful voting bloc this election cycle.


The impressive and inaugural Latino Speakers Bureau cohort includes: 

  • Liz Rebecca Alarcón, FL - Founder, Project Pulso

  • Mayra Alvarez, CA – President, the Children’s Partnership

  • Antonio Arellano, TX – Vice President of Communications, NextGen America

  • Astrid Dominguez, TX – Director, ACLU Border Rights Center

  • Rudy Espinoza, CA – Executive Director, Inclusive Action for the City


Aquí’s Lead Strategist, Nathaly Arriola Maurice, stated:


“Cable and mainstream news networks, often facing demanding news cycles with little room to breathe, often resort to familiar voices who have DC expertise but little lived experience outside of the nation’s capital. Historically, we have seen only a handful of Latinos voices be interviewed. 


While their voices and understanding of the federal government remain crucial, our intention with Aquí’s Speakers Bureau is to elevate a series of trusted local and state leaders to bring to light different experiences, and provide them with resources and training to have a seat on the national stage.” 


Aquí’s Chairman of the Board, Jacqueline Martinez Garcel, added: 


“At Aquí, we’re working to create an entity that is 100% beholden to the community and not bound by the interests of corporate donors, while redefining the relationship between corporations and the power that Latino communities wield in the U.S. 


We believe the Latinos Speakers Bureau will be a crucial asset as we work to center Latinos in positions of influence and power, demand fair and accurate portrayals of the community, and defend against harmful attacks, stereotypes, and demagoguery.”


Aquí: The Accountability Movement is a nonpartisan culture-defending and media-monitoring accountability organization advocating for the 60 million Latinos who live, work in, and build the United States. Through high-impact campaigns, strategic partnerships, and harnessing the power of millions of constituents, Aquí holds bad actors accountable by fighting the exclusion and invisibility of Latino people in national narratives and positions of power, demanding fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos as well as greater representation, and defending against harmful attacks, stereotypes, and demagoguery.

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